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coming after something, typically specifying a period following an activity.



the fun and entertainment following a day’s skiing.

Keeping close to the theme of a ski resort town, I wanted to start a brand that expressed my true philosophy behind how a home transaction should go.

Often times, the transaction process can be stressful and tiring. Après Realty was brought to life so that you could relax and actually enjoy the process of buying or selling your home; to make real estate matters fun. At Après, the goal is to have our clients celebrating as soon as you go under contract and not worry about the escrow process. With my acquired work ethic, I pledge to take on the burdens of the process and work entirely for you to create a unique, tailored, and fun experience.

“Real estate is a lot like skiing. Getting down the mountain can be tough if you work too much, but if you let the skis do all the work, it’s relaxing and the Après setting is waiting for you at the base of the mountain. In your transaction process, let me do all the work and get you to closing so Après can be waiting for you too.” – Kyler Sultemeier

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